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Prop 60: not as simple as it seems


Genesis Napel, Staff Writer

Vibrators and handcuffs are common instruments in the porn industry, but after this November’s election, a new prop might be mandatory on all California sets.

Proposition 60 requires X-rated performers to wear condoms while filming intercourse. It also holds film producers responsible for actors’ medical examinations, vaccinations and testing costs. It has, essentially, no statute of limitations, allowing any California resident to sue the producer within a year after discovering a violation — which could be years after the film is released.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but is it the government’s responsibility to put these regulations in place and neglect people’s freedom of choice?

Some performers, like Cameron Bay, who contracted HIV in 2011 after three months in the business, are in full support of the proposition. The measure’s industry proponents say they have little to no control whether a condom is used or not, and the actors’ health is not taken into account.

Those who oppose the proposition believe the current stringent regimen of testing actors every 14 days is enough.

When you join the Marines and are shipped off to war, it’s known the chance of dying in combat is high. It’s the same with adult films. If you become a porn star and are having unprotected sex with multiple people, your chances of contracting an STI are a lot higher than if you were only sleeping with one partner.

The risks associated with unprotected sex are common knowledge to any sixth grader in a sex education class.

I am pro-choice and believe the men and women of the porn industry have the choice of condom use and not to be treated as disposable objects.

The porn industry definitely needs more oversight—but it’s not with condom use. The ubiquitous accessibility of porn is what needs to be regulated. Porn is often teenagers’ first experience with sex and may forever affect their sex life.

On the other hand, if porn has that much of an impact on our youth, then at least it should provide the positive influence of safe sex by using condoms.

Prop 60, however, doesn’t offer any choice to the film producers and performers, and to me it’s no place to have governmental control. If a law were put in place around condom use in porn it should be something similar to anti-discrimination laws, allowing actors, not producers, to dictate condom use.