Just the Tip: Love in the fast lane


Carin McKenna Huber, Opinion Editor

Your life is busy. There’s school, family and maybe work. Finding time to maintain an intimate connection with your lover can be difficult. Here are seven quick tips to help you make the most of minimal time.

Turn your partner’s mind on first. Generally speaking, men are ready for sex in a minute or less, while women take a while to get physically ready to go. Start the foreplay with sexts from the train home or whisper naughty notions in your lover’s ear at the party.

Choose your location wisely. Part of the thrill of quickies is the possibility of being caught in the act. This can be anything from bending over the kitchen table minutes before the kids are due home to sneaking into the bathroom together at a friend’s house. For the love of all that is decent, don’t hook up at Great Uncle Howard’s funeral or under the bleachers at the little league game. And if the campus police catch you in your car, you’re on your own!

Arrange a signal. Have a subtle sign between you and your partner for when you’re in a crowd. A wink an a nod is likely to be noticed by a third person. Tugging your ear or rubbing your nose is less likely to raise suspicions.

Don’t undress. A quickie says “I want you NOW.” Pausing to take clothes off can blunt that message for both of you. It’s also good to leave as much to the imagination of any accidental observers as possible.

Be prepared. This may seem to go against the notion of quickies being spontaneous, but you’re going to be disappointed if neither of you has a condom handy. Carry a small tin with a fresh condom and a “trial size” pack of lubricant and you’ll be up for anything.

On the other hand… You can still enjoy yourselves if you forgot the “protection.” Pleasure each other with your hands or mouths. This can be less awkward in tight spaces than finding workable positions for penetration, and cleanup afterward is easier. There’s also a better chance a woman will achieve orgasm in a quickie if she or her lover is adept at clitoral stimulation.

It doesn’t have to be about the big finish. Out of time and not quite getting there? Don’t sweat it. Relax, re-dress and consider it an appetizer to a full meal later. The pleasure and intimacy are as important, if not more so, than the orgasm.