Just the tip: Sexual fetishes


Robert Marshall , Opinion Editor

Feet, legs, bondage, spanking, sexual role-play—we all know these are some of the more common fantasies. But have you heard of formicophilia, emetophilia or stimming?

Fetishes are the  stranger side of sex. We all have at least one thing that turns us on.  I found eight fetishes from NYDailyNews.com you might think are odd or might like. Who knows; you might have acted on one of these before.

Dendrophilia: Sexual attraction to trees.

Having sex with a tree sounds difficult, but maybe it isn’t. New York sex therapist Dr. William Picker says you don’t have to have sex with a tree, but you might like doing it right next to one, or feeling the bark during the act.

According to Tiger Devore, a Las Vegas-based therapist, dendrophiliacs like to find bumps and bulges that might give them gratification. Some have preferences for certain types of trees.

Avisodomy: Sex with birds.

I feel like this should be illegal, because birds probably don’t have a clue what’s going on. This is considered bestiality.

Wonder what the most common bird to have sex with is? Well if you guessed chickens, you’re right.

There is a setback; having sex with a chicken kills it. It might be pleasurable for you but just know you’re killing the chicken for your own sexual pleasure.
Larry Flynt, creator of Hustler magazine, claims that at the age of nine, he lost his virginity to a chicken.

Emetophilia: Sexual fetish involving vomiting.

This is the grossest one of them all.

People who like to watch others throw up will go to websites to view it.

“I’ve certainly seen couples where they’ll go to a buffet and the partner will pick the food they want and the other partner will eat them,” Devore said. “Then, the eater vomits up the meal and the other partner eats it, all for sexual gratification.”

Formicophilia: Stimulation from insects.

This is most common in Southwest Asia.

Bugs aren’t most people’s favorites, but formicophiliacs find bugs a total turn-on. Usually they like to let bugs crawl on their genitalia.

Devore said that snails leave an intense stimulation.

Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has that one turn on for them. Maybe we won’t admit it or they aren’t as odd as these ones. But whatever gets you off, gets you off; all that matters is you have fun and that no one is hurt.