Just the tip: Masturbation is key


Robert Marshall, Opinion Editor

Being healthy is important and one thing that is healthy is masturbating.

Masturbation is a way to stay healthy for men and women. It can take a few minutes or a couple hours, if you want to go that long.

According to thesexmd.com, there are benefits to getting it on alone downstairs.

One benefit is it encourages blood flow down there. It brings blood flow to the erectile tissue. Since the body has a “use it or lose it” method, maximum blood flow helps the arteries and tissues remain healthy and function well. If you don’t have a regular sexual partner, masturbation could be the best way to perform sexually and relive tension. This is especially important for people over 50; it could be one of the best ways for women to prevent vaginal symptoms after menopause.

Another benefit is stress reduction. It helps release oxytocin and endorphins, which helps people feel calm and relaxed. Relaxation is also important for woman during orgasm. It’s one of the few times that women get to relax their brain. It also lowers blood pressure, while bringing down overall stress and anxiety. Millions of people use it to sleep better according to thesexmd.com.

For men this is a big benefit: masturbation helps the prostate. If you’re not sexually active, don’t worry, masturbation is recommended. But in a healthy way, regular masturbation and ejaculation can help maintain the health of the prostate and prostate cancer in men.

For women, masturbation increases pleasure. Women need to explore their bodies, and learn what they like, what works and what doesn’t work. Once they know what they like, they can communicate to their partner and the sparks start flying. This is good for women who mainly receive pleasure from stimulation of the clitoris externally rather than from vaginal penetration. Seventy percent of women need to have this external stimulation during intercourse to reach orgasm. Bringing this into the bedroom with your partner can make all the difference.

Masturbation is also a way to get to know your body. No one knows you like you, so get to know yourself. Figuring out what you like is key to a good sex life.

It’s an activity that isn’t talked about. If it is, not willingly. I encourgae and promote it. I always tell my friends to masturbate when you get the chance. You’re doing yourself a favor and you deserve it after a long day at work, school or stressful day. You’re not getting anyone pregnant in the process. It reduces sperm count, produces clearer semen and the big “O” feels amazing. So the next time you have the chance, masturbate. Your semen will thank you later.