Are we text robots? Texting taking over lives in the modern age


Daniel Medina, Staff Writer

Is anyone alive anymore? Are we all paralyzed by fear?

Why text when we can just call? How many poor souls have perished behind a “lol”? How many relationships have been severed by the Facebook samurai sword? What happened to the phone booth romance that I used to cherish? I’m passionate about remaining human and I miss the 10-cent phone-booth romance speech with my girlfriend ‘back in the day’ when there was nothing to do but listen to each other’s voice and talk about “Love”!

The billions of folks who subscribe to Facebook and other social media sites are fooled into thinking that in some way they are behaving socially. This is not true.

I could copy and paste a definition of the word “social” to make my point but that would not change a damn thing. When I first engaged in social media, I thought foolishly it would be a perfect forum to freely share my humorous writings. Not for the sake of ego did I pursue this idea, but for the sake of solidarity in a world consumed by greed and fear.

In this sad world we live in, humor may be our only refuge.

When the modern human is consumed by fear and regret, life seems hopeless.

Overwhelmed by pressure and unending feelings of shame and incompetence, the modern human self-medicates or seeks spiritual refuge.

Since pharmaceutical sales have zoomed past our closed universe, it is plain to see that most of us self-medicate.

Alcohol and drugs, especially those scratched out on small Rx note pads, are what most of us use to escape the pain of modern life.

There are numerous strange behaviors that accompany fear; alcohol/drug abuse, overeating, gambling, hoarding, Facebookeritis and maybe even texting.

There are medical professionals who say that obsessive behaviors and the consequences of those behaviors are the results of a collective spiritual malady.

To make it plain, you can take almost any social problem or addiction and apply the same prognosis; we are full of fear and we put chemicals in our bodies to not feel fear.

“You keep eating rocks. Rocks are not good for you. You should stop. We all love you. This is my friend, Dr. Phil,” and so on.

I have engaged in self-medicating and became one the most infamous pleasure monkeys to wear a skin suit.

It is clear to me that we all need something or someone outside of ourselves to feel complete. The thing or person that we choose to need may be our demise or greatest triumph.

This brings me back to humor; it is the tool I use to deal with reality and I believe it has been given to me for that reason.

I choose to share it with anybody who will engage in it. It is not my business whether they choose to read or not to read, I will continue to write humor.

It is my purpose. That was a Matrix moment, sweet readers.

Texting does have a purpose, but let’s not forget that we are human beings, we are all unique and filled with passion, love and hope.