Confederate flag: One nation under racism

Catherine Ramirez, Staff Writer

Without a doubt we take the American flag very seriously. There’s a reason why there are  rules to guide the display and care of the flag. It’s not because it is a piece of cloth, but rather the values and beliefs it represents.

Lately, some young people find it trendy to wear or possess the Confederate flag as an expression of their “true country” American roots. For anyone who fully supports freedom of speech and expression, there is nothing wrong with youth expressing themselves in this way. However, for anyone who understands what the Confederate flag represents, this trend is simply insulting.

The Confederate flag was created to represent the Southern states, which declared their secession from the United States that led to the American Civil War. One of the main reasons why the Southern states sought to secede from the U.S. was the issue of slavery, thus instigating the war and creating the Union and Confederacy.

To say that the Confederate flag is not affiliated with racism is ignorance at best. What is truly frustrating about these people who proudly have the Confederate flag on their clothes and trucks while displaying the American flag right next to it —contradicting the entire idea of the Confederacy — is their excuse of their Southern pride,  which most are not even from or associated with the region whatsoever.

The Confederate flag does not simply represent the South. It represents a time when the South no longer wanted to be part of this nation because it did not support the abolishment of slavery. It represents a time when people were viewed as a commodity. It also represents a time when some Americans  did not have the same basic human rights and equality as other Americans due to the color of their skin. It is a time in American history about which every single American should be ashamed. To not only support this flag and the views it represents, but also proudly wear it in everyday apparel, is something beyond personal understanding.

If any individuals are going to express themselves, at least fully know the beliefs and ideas one is representing. And for the sake of Black History Month, acknowledge that wearing the Confederate flag is viewed as disrespectful and offensive to anyone who values and understands the true meaning of liberty and justice for all spoken when pledging to the American flag.