Consoles Upgraded

Ken Kutska, A&E Editor

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Technology is an ever- changing indicator of what our society has become. It is a necessity for the future as society evolves into a new, innovative world. The time has come for developing the next generation of gaming platforms.

It’s apparent in today’s tech world that the current gaming platforms, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, are becoming outdated and must improve to keep pace with the PC behemoths.

Console systems will never be big graphic computing and memory storage powerhouses like their PC big brothers, but some people prefer console gaming because they don’t want to go out and buy, build and modify their own PC.

Consoles also have uses beyond gaming. Online applications like Xbox Live and PlayStation Store are essential for modern console use.

These systems are more than gaming platforms. They also let you watch movies, connect with friends and search the web.

Microsoft and Sony scheduled their next-gen console release dates for later this winter and early 2014. Sony announced their new system PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, in early March and debuted some of the new tech.

Microsoft remains quiet about their Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, and might wait for the Electronic Entertainment Expo to debut their system.

Some of the specifications for these systems have been announced. Both systems will be powered by a new graphics and architecture systems created by AMD.  Storage space on the new systems will run differently, but details are still sketchy.

They are expected to have multiple storage units for personal storage, bandwidth and RAM.

Both systems are expected to have Blu-ray drives; nothing new for PlayStation, but needed for Xbox. Xbox never developed Blu-ray technology for their current console, having invested in the now-defunct HD DVD brand.

The new Blu-ray drive will help the new Xbox secure its place as the dominant gaming brand. It will allow Microsoft to be more competitive in the market and to stream high-definition material on Xbox Live and on applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

I am looking forward to when both developers completely announce their systems. I also look forward to the day the next generation of gaming hits the ground running with new interesting games on the horizon.