SRJC Faculty assist prospective students

Drew Sheets, Opinion Editor

Many smiling faculty members were in attendance with hopes of educating and assisting more than 1,200 visiting and potential students for this year’s Career Day.

The Bertolini Student Center was buzzing with people and table displays representing about 40 different industries. Students interested in anything from water treatment to culinary, sports medicine to psychology, they could find it here.

Career Day is in its 12th year and Career Advisor, Beth Henningsen, is instrumental in planning Career Day. “Career Day is all about students who don’t have a career direction or it’s for people who need to make sure that they are on the right path,” Henningsen said, “Students need to know that with this major- what kind of jobs would be in my field, how much they wouldpay, is there growth, do they match my personality and are the jobs local? What are the forecasts for these careers?”

Career counselors say many students are surprised to find out that the careers they are interested in are becoming obsolete or change their minds when they realize that they will have to travel to land the dream job. Henningsen said, “We have a program here that can help students move into emerging markets.”

Every table had more pamphlets than the last with a plethora of information for any inquiring mind.

The Career Center is located on the third floor of the Bertolini Student Center with career counselors waiting to aid students in their pursuit of success.