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Evernote: the good and the bad

Aaron Selya, Web Editor

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Aaron Selya

Web tech-Evernote Review


Stop reading this article and go download Evernote.

Evernote is an application all SRJC students and faculty can utilize. It’s a free note taking application which will revolutionize how you study, write papers and share your work with friends.


Besides being free, the best part of Evernote is its wide reaching web integration. The days of not being able to turn in a report because you forgot to email it to yourself are gone. Each user receives online storage for their notes, which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. All notes you take on your computer, phone or another computer are automatically synced to your online account and connected devices.

Due to the online syncing system, your notes are always backed up and available even if you accidentally delete them. Sharing your documents is easy. With a simple click, you have the option of posting your notes to twitter or send them through email. All this is done without having to continually log in to various social media accounts.

Evernote’s phone application, which can be used with is well polished and has many of the features present in the computer version of the application. In addition to syncing, having instant access to all of your notes and documents is very useful.

Notes are organized into user made collections reffered to as “notebooks.” This structure allows different files to be easily accessible and organized in a sensible manner. Additionally, notebooks can be shared with others through a shared notebooks feature.

Notes can be embedded with content taken from other files and generated in Evernote through using your own computers microphone and camera. This means you can record a lecture while taking notes in the same document.


Limited access to all features in free version

The free version of Evernote has limited access to certain features and most importantly has significantly less memory than the subscription version. The subscription costs $45 per year or $5 per month. Upgrading to the paid version eliminates the ads present in the free version, increases your available storage and offers top priority support.

The word processing system is reliable but is lacking some of the bells and whistles other programs like Microsoft Word and Apple’s pages have such as additional fonts and layouts. The spell check and grammar tools work well but the user interface could be improved.

Overall, Evernote is a well constructed program worth the download. It is easy to use and with its use of computers and phones, can easily be integrated into your life. Although there are limitations on the free version of Evernote, those limitations don’t outweigh the benefits of the program and you can upgrade at any time. Evernote is a useful application that every student and faculty member should try.

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Evernote: the good and the bad