Mac computers are overrated

Isabel Johnson, News Editor

Can somebody please explain the purpose of an iPad? Because I can’t understand how a glorified iPod Touch that you can’t use at the gym is worth $499 or more. The only iPods for less than $100 are iPod Shuffles, which don’t even have a screen, and still cost at least $49. My 8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze cost $70, has a screen and has a slot for an extra memory card so I can have anywhere from 4GB extra to 32GB.

The one thing that Apple seems truly talented at producing is flashy products and a sense of superiority in its customers. How many PC users have had a Mac user say that Mac is better, because they don’t get viruses? Yeah, not a good defense, in case any Mac users were wondering. Oh, and they don’t work better for graphics. In fact, they’re pretty terrible compared to a custom-built PC.

One of the worst things about Macs is people who own them and insist Macs are superior to PCs without having any evidence. The vast majority of them are a lot less clever and tech savvy than they think they are. Oh, wow, you paid way too much money for a machine that won’t run the majority of programs and games on the market. Good job!

My computer at home is built with parts that I chose, with what I wanted my computer to do in mind. With a PC, you can choose to buy AMD instead of an Intel processor and save lots of money. With a Mac, you are stuck with what Apple chose to put in its computers. I know of one person whose MacBook battery died twice before the replacement that Apple provided managed to work properly. I know several people whose Mac disk drives make loud gurgling noises while reading disks.

Because of Apple’s obsession with being super proprietary with its computers, manufacturers may not make the latest tech to work with Macs until aftergetting it out for PCs, because like it or not, PCs are a heck of a lot more popular internationally.

Macs are pretty in an incredibly boring, ultra modern way. I get that. You can feel all space age and cutting edge because yourcomputer is shiny and white and you got it at a store that looks ready to lift off and rejoin the mother ship at any moment. Well, sacrificing performance so you can combine both the monitor and the tower into one space that overheats far too easily is not worth it. I don’t mind having extra wires connecting my computer’s parts, because I don’t have a computer that needs a built-in thermometer so it can shut down when it reaches a certain temperature.

If I move to a place where there’s no Apple Store, I don’t have to worry because I can fix my own computer. I can get replacement parts online, and there are myriad programs and hardware available to do what I need to do with my computer. Even a novice PC user can replace a disk drive or a graphics card.

In summary, Mac’s are overpriced, a pain in the ass to get fixed and full of faulty hardware. Apple Store “Geniuses” sometimes replace the faulty hardware with more faulty hardware.  Macs are designed to not let you customize your computer and really, truly, honestly are not better than PCs. Before you can start, there are viruses for Macs, not as many as for PCs but that’s because far more people use PCs than Macs.

So, before going to the Apple store to drop $500 on a shiny new toy that will be obsolete in a year anyway, consider whether or not you’ll use it for anything but pumping your ego.