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ap·a·thet·ic   adj.

1 Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent.

gen·er·a·tion n.

4 b A group of generally contemporaneous individuals regarded as having common cultural or social characteristics and attitudes.

We are the “apathetic generation.” This hadn’t dawned on me until a conversation I had a couple of weeks back. But the person I was conversing with had a good point.

Ten years ago, the majority of us sported a “show me” attitude: won’t believe it until we see it. But then again, don’t most kids sport that kind of attitude? “Show me why.” You show them, they witness the results, and then commit to the task. Then they grow up, get a job, go off (or stay home) and attend college. They become absorbed in studying, term papers, homework, essays, along with maintaining a constant work schedule, paying bills, ect. We become so preoccupied with our own existence that we lose track of the world at large. To make up for it, as a sort of defense, we develop a “who cares” mentality.

We should always care.

Take last year’s presidential election and the voter turnout. Youth turnout took a sharp upturn from the 2000 election. And we can probably thank organizations like Rock the Vote for pushing today’s young adults to the polls. But overall, voter turnout was lower than anticipated. And yet, (both then and now) you hear people complaining about the Bush administration. Did you vote? Or, did you put it off, thinking “My vote doesn’t count anyway, since it’s only the popular vote and the electoral college is the vote that counts.” And it’s funny, really, because most everyone I see on a daily basis did not vote. But I hear their complaints about our current administration daily. All I can do is laugh. Who are they to complain if they remained completely apathetic and decided to keep silent and not make their opinion heard?

I’m opinionated by nature. I’ve never believed in taking things sitting down, and I’ve always been a full supporter of voicing your opinion and making yourself heard. Since when are we a quiet nation? What perplexes me is why most people just sit there and appear as if they don’t care. If you see something you don’t agree with, let people know. Someone say something racially explicit? Tell them not to do it. Is there someone harassing others? Stop them. Do you believe an artist to be misogynist? Find who manages them, or what label they’re with and write a letter.

We’re the ones in control right now.



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