Editorial: Yes on Proposition 73

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In another example of absurd lawmaking in California, a child needs a parent’s permission to visit a tanning salon, get a tattoo or have her teeth cleaned. But, an older boyfriend or school employee can take a child to have an abortion without either of her parents even knowing.

Proposition 73 restores common sense parental rights by requiring a physician to notify the parents of any minor who requests an abortion, except in medical emergency or with judicial waiver. A young girl who is pregnant needs the support of her parents, not a stranger who profits from abortions.

Parents cannot provide the necessary follow-up care when they don’t know their 13-year-old daughter had an abortion. If a child has any type of surgery, parents are key to healthy recovery. Yet, with no knowledge of the abortion, a parent cannot help a child with its many medical side effects, which include: abdominal pain and cramping, spotting and bleeding, sometimes even placental, uteral, or cervical infection or rupture. Post-abortion situations can be life threatening, and only if a parent knows about the cause of these problems can they take steps to save their own daughter’s life.

Abortion is a traumatic experience. In a study of post-abortion patients only 8 weeks after their abortion, researchers found that over 30% of women surveyed felt deep emotional depression. (“The Psychosocial Outcome of Induced Abortion”, British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.) It requires a parent to help cope with feelings such as those.

This law has been enacted in over 30 states. Those state’s experience proves that parental involvement laws reduce the number of pregnancies and abortions without harm to minors. Keep in mind this is not parental consent, only parental notification. The United States Supreme Court has approved this type of proposition in the past; it does not violate the so-called “right to privacy.” But it does restore parental rights to protect their own children. The Oak Leaf says yes on Proposition 73.


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