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SGA approves funding for snacks and testing materials during finals, announces final fun day plans and talks about bringing back physical IDs

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SRJC’s SGA members talked about bringing back physical student ID’s and changing systems that were adjusted during the pandemic to virtual ID’s, at their May 6 meeting.

Santa Rosa Junior College’s Student Government Assembly members discussed the student elections and MENAA protest last week and approved the proposed estimated budget for Fall 2024 through Spring 2025 at their May 6 meeting. 

Student government elections 

SGA student government elections took place last week and the current members have announced the results. 

The list of elected members and other election results for Fall 2024 through Fall 2025 can be found here.

Student body president D’Juan Brundidge said, “This was definitely the most active election I’ve ever seen and it was great to see a lot of competition.” 

Andrew Simmalaychanh, vice president of clubs in Santa Rosa, said, “Since the election results are out, I am going to be returning as VP of clubs, so I’ll be here next year. I’ll be working in the summer too, hoping to make club life bigger and better on campus.”

SGA approves funding for snacks and testing materials during finals

SGA members put a motion forward to approve funding to provide light breakfast items and snacks for the Petaluma and Santa Rosa campuses during finals.

SGA approved $1,000 for these funds. 

Members also approved funding for testing materials such as Scantron forms, blue and green books and pencils during finals week.

SGA approved $300 for these funds. 

Final fun day plans 

SGA is working with Student Services for one last fun day for students right before finals that will feature food — with hopes for nachos — and music on May 15 in the Bertolini Quad on the Santa Rosa campus.

“The big intentions of this day are that students are filling out climate change surveys,” said Zack Miranda, director of Student Life and Engagement.

MENAA protest last week

MENAA planned and executed a peaceful student protest last week to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, to demand the end of military aid to Israel and to show solidarity with other student protests nationwide.

“A lot of people came out and it was really cool to see a lot of student support and students getting to engage with each other,” said Kelly Arhelly Zamudio, vice president of student life in Petaluma.  

Bringing back physical student IDs 

Over the pandemic when classes were remote, the college began making virtual IDs. Next semester physical IDs will return.

Students can get a physical ID this semester if they go to the Bertolini Student Service desk. Students can get one free physical ID for all of their SRJC semesters now, but future IDs will have a $5 fee. 

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