SGA delegates new hiring committee member, approves business cards and looks for SSCCC alternate


Courtesy of SRJC

SGA appointed Student Body President Abrea Tillman to the Student outreach, Onboarding, and International Program’s hiring committee at its Oct. 17 meeting.

Dharma Niles, Reporter

Santa Rosa Junior College’s Student Government Assembly approved a new hiring committee member, confirmed a budget for business cards and discussed an alternate representative for Student Senate for California Community Colleges at its meeting Monday. 

SGA unanimously approved Abrea Tillman, Student Body President, to join Student Outreach, Onboarding and International Program’s hiring committee. The program focuses on reaching K-12 constituents, community agencies and other groups that recruit prospective SRJC students, and is currently sorting through director applications. Tillman will assist in the applicant review and interview process as it continues. 

Tillman cites her hiring committee training and involvement with SRJC.

“It’s always a learning process,” Tillman said. “I want my time with student government to reflect how I can get students more involved.”

Business cards

Zach Miranda, student government coordinator, confirmed SGA’s approval of $250 toward business cards for SGA members and the student trustee. The cards were drafted and initially reviewed in the summer; they display each member’s name, position and contact information. 

“I’ve been waiting for these,” said Melissa Ramirez, vice president of Petaluma student life, “It’s super helpful and useful to be able to hand them out when you’re talking to people.”

SSCCC alternate

SGA is seeking an alternate for Student Senate at California Community Colleges. The position entails regular attendance at SSCCC meetings and taking-on roles of students unable to attend. The meetings highlight student government, events and policies among 14 colleges in the region. 

“When I go to those meetings, I come back with more appreciation for SRJC,” said Delashay Carmona Benson, student trustee. 

To better serve voting equity and proportionate representation, SGA members hope a person engaged in the campus community but new to student government will apply. Members noted the monthly meetings generally occur over weekends, which accommodates busy schedules, and highlighted potential scholarships. 

“It’s a great way to get your foot in the door,” said Miranda.