SGA discusses systemic inequalities, plans to improve student life, welcomes new members


SGA elected Indi Pelzl as vice president of student life for the Petaluma campus and Dori Elder as Dean of the Hiring Committee for the Petaluma campus at its Sept. 26 meeting.

Sam Guzman, Reporter

SRJC Student Government Assembly discussed systemic issues in the SRJC’S Emergency Medical Care system and the tri-annual student survey and elected new members to the SGA at its Sept. 26 meeting. 

SGA members heard from the faculty coordinator for the emergency medical care department, Arthur Hsieh, about how his department plans to combat discrimination in an industry he described as “driven through familial relationships.” The EMC’s first step toward remedying this issue is through a new course: Emergency Medical Responder, EMC 100. The program will initially be available only to residents of the Roseland area. Once the restriction period is over, registration will open up.

“If there are folks who are interested in the fire services, EMC service, aspects of public safety and just don’t know how to access that. We’re here and want to be able to start that process for folks,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh emphasized that these are only small steps to test the water in how students respond to the programs. 

Jeremy Smotherman, co-director of institutional effectiveness research planning, announced the tri-annual student survey will be available to students online via Canvas and social media platforms. “The goal is that everyone can access the survey, no matter where they’re at,” Sotherman said. 

The goal this year is to collect information on students’ experiences transitioning into a post-Covid-19 world. In the past, the survey gained insight into students’ needs such as housing.

Smotherman said the survey is confidential; when students log in, there will be nothing that connects the individual student to their responses.

SGA also elected Indi Pelzl as vice president of student life for the Petaluma campus.

“I’m already so involved with students’ lives on this campus as a student success coach. I thought it might be a good position to give my input on how to help them even more,” Pelzl said.  

Dori Elder was elected Dean of the Hiring Committee for the Petaluma campus. She will be on a panel, interviewing new applicants.

Elder also spoke about the success of Spirit Week and her plans for Petaluma Club Day, tentatively scheduled for Oct. 10.