How to celebrate spring break without breaking COVID-19 protocols


Jennifer Sawhney

A drive along the Sonoma coast or a day cleaning your room are ways to safely enjoy your spring break.

Jennifer Sawhney, Reporter

While COVID-19 has limited spring break again this year, there is plenty to explore in the vicinity of Santa Rosa Junior College or in the safety of your home. Sonoma County is a natural playground with much to see, and home can be a place of rest and relaxation. Here are some activities for you to consider this spring break that require a few hours and an open mind.

Explore a local park

With 54 regional parks and 11 state parks, outdoor activities in Sonoma County are plentiful. Take a few hours to connect with nature or visit historic sites such as Glen Ellen’s Jack London State Park, the former home of writer Jack London.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, a handful of regional parks offer camping; reservations are required. Visitors are also required to use face masks and maintain social distancing. You can check out a list of regional parks here and a list of state parks here.

Take a drive

If you want to avoid people yet want to see different landscapes, go on a drive! If you are in the mood for scenic farmland, redwoods and the Sonoma coast, head west to Jenner via state Routes 12 and 116. From Jenner, go south on U.S. Highway 1, then from Bodega Bay, head east on Valley Ford Road toward Petaluma, where you can access Highway 101 and head back home. 

Dress in layers and prepare to make multiple stops to take in the picturesque coastline, rolling hills and grand redwoods.

Try a new restaurant

Sonoma County restaurants are struggling now and there is no better way to support our community than to grab a meal to go. Sonoma County is known for its incredible cuisine and there is never a shortage of places you could check out.

Along the coast near Jenner and Bodega Bay, you can’t go wrong with seafood. Along Highway 101, different interpretations of Wine Country cuisine thrive, with a wide variety of fresh and local produce available.

Your hometown might boast a mean roadside burger shop that you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to it. It could be a gem hiding in plain sight, or even your new favorite. 

Try out a new recipe

While quarantine trends included homemade sourdough bread, dalgona whipped coffee and baked feta pasta, there are many other recipes you might want to try after a quick Google search. Get creative and search for recipes using only the ingredients you have on hand, or make that fancy dessert you never turn down. If all else fails, you can perfect your sandwich recipe. 

Make art

You don’t need to have “aspiring artist” in your Instagram bio to make art; if you make art, you’re an artist! It comes in many shapes and sizes so first think about what medium you prefer. You can host a paint night over Zoom with friends, use a fresh pack of colored pencils on a coloring book, or create countless figurines with multi-colored packs of clay. Old magazines laying around can also provide great content for a collage or dream board.

Spring cleaning

Spring is the time of rebirth and growth, so now might be time to cleanse your personal space. Maybe you never got around to dismantling that ominous pile of clothes that sits on that one chair in your room. Maybe there are hidden treasures in the junk drawer that does not shut completely. Does your book shelf have too many old books that you can sell for cash? 

Set aside 30 minutes or take a day to comb through your living space. While it might feel like a chore when you first start, listening to a favorite playlist will help the time pass. 

Have a DIY spa day

What better way to unwind? Soak in a warm bath with epsom salts or bubbles, light a few candles, make your favorite beverage, put on a face mask and just chill. After the bath, do not forget to lather yourself with a moisturizing lotion. If a bathtub is not available, fill a shallow tub or bucket with warm water, add epsom salts and essential oils to soak your feet instead. Your body will thank you for the respite.

Check out the night sky

The night sky is magical and Sonoma County boasts some great vistas. Find a dark area that limits your exposure to excessive artificial light, such as outside city limits or your backyard. Keep in mind it can take up to 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark. 

An app like Night Sky with a red-light filter option can help you navigate the galactic world. While the best time to view stars is during a new moon, the next full moon is on March 28 and is the last full moon of winter.