Peeping tom in Emeritus Hall men’s room evades arrest

Alex Nunez, Staff Writer

A Santa Rosa Junior College student using an Emeritus Hall restroom Tuesday caught a peeping tom moaning while filming him through a hole in the stall’s door, but police were unable to find and arrest the suspect.

According to SRJC District Police, the victim threatened to call police after noticing the man.  The suspect then fled north to the parking lot with the victim chasing him. 

The victim managed to snap a photo of the suspect, a white male, possibly in his 50s with a medium build, who was wearing a dark beanie, sunglasses, a puffy green vest over a blue and white short sleeved plaid shirt and blue jeans. 

“We are actively investigating it and reaching out to our law enforcement partners and the community to see if anyone has additional information to help the investigation,” SRJC Chief of Police Robert Brownlee said in a statement.

The investigation is ongoing. District police are asking anyone with additional information to call  at (707) 527-1000.