Biology building drenched

Matthew Wreden and Attila LS Gero

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Baker Hall is flooded and leaking water after somebody failed to cover the roof with a tarp before the weekend storms. As of now, according to an instructor who teaches a class in the building, there is only one “inhabitable” classroom. Classes originally scheduled to be in the building had to be moved.

According to another faculty member, somebody was supposed to install a tarp over Baker Hall’s roof amid ongoing construction, but failed to do so properly.

Buckets are catching water leaking from the ceiling throughout the building. A dehumidifier is parked in the center of every room. The empty classrooms are littered with taxidermy animals, skeletons and other preserved specimens from the damaged rooms.  

The same faculty member said a lot of the taxidermy animals are damaged and professors are upset.

Stay tuned for updates, more to follow.