Senior administrator announces retirement

Mary Kay Rudolph has worked at Santa Rosa Junior College for 13 years and will retire in August.

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Mary Kay Rudolph has worked at Santa Rosa Junior College for 13 years and will retire in August.

Kevin Johnson, Staff Writer

Santa Rosa Junior College Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Assistant Superintendent Mary Kay Rudolph, who oversees the development and delivery of the college’s certificate and associate degree programs, announced this week that she will retire in August.  

In an email, President Frank Chong informed the SRJC community of Rudolph’s plans to retire, and praised her work during her 13-year career at the college.

“Mary Kay has worked to improve and expand the instructional offerings at SRJC, with the commitment, passion, enthusiasm and collaborative spirit that she brought to work every day,” Chong said.

In an email to The Oak Leaf, Rudolph expressed her gratitude to SRJC and what she hopes her legacy will be.

“I hope my impact on the college has been positive and lasting,  just as my time at SRJC has been for me,” Rudolph said.

Rudolph credited her father for instilling her with a strong work ethic in her retirement letter.

“I have always tried to honor what my father taught me are essential characteristics to bring to an employer: loyalty to the organization and your supervisor, dedication to the mission, compassion and understanding for colleagues and employees and a Midwestern work ethic that says ‘Work until the job is done, regardless of how many hours it takes.’”

Rudolph was one of five signatories required for the recent adoption of the statewide Guided Pathways program.

She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Florida State University, and went on to earn her Master’s.A. in Psychology from CSU California State University Sacramento. She earned her Ed.D in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco.