ASL picnic

Arthur Gonzalez-Martin, Staff Photographer

On a nice sunny morning Saturday 30th, there was volleyball, horse shoes, pizza and everyone signing away at the annual ASL picket. A way for the deaf and hearing alike to get together to learn more about deaf culture and practice sign language for classes and/or for fun and a gathering place for the local deaf populous to find new friend to sign with. This also marks the first year that it had catering done instead of the normal potluck by deaf ran and owned pizzeria “Mozzeria” from san Francisco which was named one of the top 50 restaurants in the bay area serving, modern style flat pizzas.

Dolph Rehkop American sign language chair/coordinator, had been in charge of the program for the past 6 years. He spoke about how ASL can be used in the work place. “we want everyone using ASL” said “Skills that can be applied to future careers” as learning had to comment with the deaf is a great skill to have. The picket has been going on for more than 15 years and getting bigger every year, having over 100 people come to the picket.

They also have ASL club meeting at Panera Bread every Wednesday for students taking ASL classes or learning ASL themselves

The annual American Sign Language (ASL) club picnic gathered over 100 people at Santa junior college Rosa April 30. The crowd had the opportunity to learn about deaf culture and practice sign language as well as communicate and get to know local people within the deaf community.

Unlike previous years’ potluck, the deaf owned pizzeria “Mozzeria” from San Francisco catered the event and while eating pizza, locals could also participate in various activities such as volleyball and horseshoe

Dolph Rehkop is the ASL program coordinator at SRJC since six years back. During the event, he spoke about the benefits of knowing ASL and how the language could be used in the work place.

“We want everyone to use ASL,” he signed. “The skills can be applied to future careers.”

This year marked the 15 year-anniversary for the ASL picnic and it keeps growing bigger.

The ASL club and people who study ASL either through an SRJC class or by themselves meet every Wednesday at Panera Bread by the Santa Rosa campus.