SGA controversy continues; President suspended after review board proceedings


Student Government Assembly President Jordan Panana Carbajal was found guilty of commiting campaign violations.

James Wyatt, Co-News Editor

Santa Rosa Junior College President Dr. Frank Chong has suspended Student Government Assembly President Jordan Panana Carbajal from his duties as SGA president for the remainder of the semester due to violations relating to the May 2016 SGA elections.

The action was taken after a grievance was filed with the college in June by Joshua Pinaula, the 2015 SGA president. The grievance resulted in Board of Review proceedings against Carbajal to consider evidence of election wrongdoing. The Board of Review found violations that include exceeding the campaign spending limit, not reporting in-kind donations on an election spending report, and promises to club officials of financial incentives for endorsing Carbajal’s slate of candidates.

In addition to a suspension, Carbajal is required to write a letter owning up to his mistakes and complete 20 hours of college community service. 

Pinaula provided the Oak Leaf with copies of the findings of the Board of Review.

Carbajal declined to comment on his suspension.

The lengthy grievance process and disciplinary action seems to have taken a toll on the current operations of the SGA. Vice President of Marketing Eduardo Osario Juarez said, “It’s unfortunate this is going on.  There a lot of things we could be focusing on…It’s very unproductive. I don’t understand what [Josh Pinuala] is trying to accomplish and what his motive is.”

It is unclear whether Carbajal is still being paid as a SGA officer during his suspension.

When questioned by the Oak Leaf, Juarez and fellow SGA officer Hector Jimenez Carreno seemed confused about Carbajal’s suspension and claimed not to know about the review board’s findings of campaign violations.

Robert Ethington, dean of student affairs and engagement programs is optimistic Carbajal will provide quality leadership to the SGA when he returns from his suspension in January.