SGA update on funding, marketing and student elections

Estefany Chavez, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Assembly discussed the funding and support of multiple organizations, the upcoming student elections and a new marketing technique during a meeting March 28 in the Senate Chambers.

The SGA gave funds to the Petaluma campus council and students who are participating in a Latina Leadership Conference later this month. Members also discussed supporting a student equality food voucher program and Hispanic Serving Institution by collecting school supplies for low-income students.

The Petaluma Campus Council received $2,500 because its current funds are earmarked for other events and clubs. The SGA agreed to provide these funds with the stipulation that the money would go directly to student life activities and not to the clubs. When the SGA voted for Petaluma to have its own council last year, there were no requirements in council laws that separated student life and club funds.

Vice President of Student Life Virginia Kerr said, “Clubs would come up with proposals that were $1,200 and it would be things like sending an entire club to a baseball game. And it would completely drain the account.”

The SGA also voted to sponsor a student equality food voucher program and send two students to a Latina Leadership Conference. The sponsorship of the food voucher program would allow the school to argue to the state on behalf of the student body’s needs.

The SGA voted for Erika Hernandez Ramirez, vice president of committees, and Rosa Hammock, founder of SRJC Inter-tribal Council, to attend a Latina Leadership Conference with an approval of $1,080.

“We are two of three students working on pushing Indigenous People’s Day on a state level,” Ramirez said. “So we’re trying to get into as many spaces as we can to pass along the resolution. And there are going to be student representatives from all the regions; all the community colleges.”

The SGA also discussed the upcoming election and the budget for next year. With multiple current officers leaving next year, the SGA is promoting the election to hopefully fill in some vacancies. Next year’s budget will have a 33 percent cut across the board.

The ClubCard+, which offers students local discounts, has undersold, and the college is suffering a deficit due to lower enrollment.

SGA President Joshua Pinaula recommended multiple solutions to help increase funds, such as hiring someone to personally deal with marketing. He argued this was so vendors would have a consistent person each year who could possibly increase benefits for the ClubCard+.