E.T. actor Peter Coyote speaks to SRJC humanities students


Candler Weinberg

Peter Coyote speaks to students.

Candler Weinberg, Staff Writer

Most final examinations consist of a written test, with students leaving the classroom once finished. However, humanities instructor Jill Kelly-Moore has never been one to do traditional finals. One of her humanities students was able to get Peter Coyote, an award-winning actor and author, to speak at her final.

Coyote spoke to the humanities students about his history as a Digger in San Francisco during the 1960s. The Diggers were community anarchists who blended the desire for freedom with a strong consciousness of the community they lived in. He also spoke at length about making the world you want to be in a reality. Coyote, an ordained Buddhist priest, told students the importance of finding inner peace.

After his speech, Coyote answered questions about a variety of topics, ranging from Donald Trump to authenticity. Coyote said, “Everyone is authentic; it is those who have the courage to be authentic that are remembered.”

After the question-and-answer session, Kelly-Moore read excerpts from student self-reflection letters before bidding farewell to her students.