Chicken Soup for the Soul wants college student stories

Mitchell Garcia-Buckley, Staff Writer

Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for students with stories of intolerance. The organization will pay $200 to students who submit stories and are published in their next book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: What’s Your Story?”

Chicken Soup for the Soul partnered with the Boniuk Foundation for this book. The Boniuk Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to inspire people to embrace their differences, reject stereotypes and make good choices.

“The Boniuk Foundation’s mission is to support the development of innovative techniques geared towards educating young and adult populations, in the hopes of producing universal tolerance, respect and compassion among all individuals,” said Antonella Marafioti, a contest representative.

The main themes for stories are tolerance, rejecting stereotypes and becoming a better person. Experiences as bully’s targets or as victims of general intolerance are also topics of interest.

Judges comprised of college students and tolerance advocates are looking for true student-written stories in the first person. The stories also need to line up with the principles of the Boniuk Foundation.

“We would like story content to help fulfill that mission and show true, non-fiction stories and experiences about how you embraced differences,” Marafioti said.

Chicken Soup for the Soul aims to publish this book in August 2016, however it could take a few years to complete. It will include 101 stories from college students. Published students will also receive ten copies of the book.