SRJC Board of Trustees approves new member


Erik Jorgensen / Oak Leaf

Jeff Kunde, President of SRJC’s Board of Trustees, swears in Kathleen Doyle as a Board Member at the Board meeting March 11.

Erik Jorgensen, Editor-at-Large

Santa Rosa Junior College gained new board member Kathleen Doyle at its March 10, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting. With a six-to-one vote, Doyle replaced Onita Pellegrini of Petaluma, who resigned Jan. 14 from her board position. Doyle previously served an 11-year stint on SRJC’s Board of Trustees until being replaced by Pellegrini in 2005.

“I welcome the opportunity to serve,” said Doyle. “I’m very much looking forward to this position.” She is not related to the famous Doyle family who gave their name to SRJC’s library and scholarships. Doyle said she doesn’t need to be brought up to speed with SRJC agenda items, since she has gotten a copy of the Board’s agenda every single month since she served eight years ago.

“As a resident of Petaluma, I’ve heard nothing but positive about her commitment to the college,” said SRJC president Frank Chong. “I’m certain we could use her expertise in terms of her financial background. I think she’ll be a great trustee.” Chong extended his thanks to all the other applicants. “I think it’s a testament to the college how many people were interested in serving. I’m looking forward to working with her.”

Student Trustee Robert Edmonds cast the sole opposing vote but also looks forward to working with the new Trustee. “As with the rest of the Board, sometimes I disagree with points of view, but that is what a good Board should do, is disagree about things periodically and come to some consensus.”

Doyle’s appointment will be up for election in November. “She’ll hit the ground running,” said Trustee Dick Call.