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Project Truth preaches pro-life at SRJC

Gory pictures of baby fetuses. A guy giving out condoms. A group praying for peace. The topic of abortion brings out all types of people.

Project Truth, a pro-life group that tours California colleges, came to the Santa Rosa Junior College quad Nov. 4 and 5, but they were not the only group that showed up.

“Society that doesn’t value life is going downhill,” said Project Truth volunteer Aurelia, who refused to give her last name for security reasons.

Aurelia drove two hours to participate in the Project Truth demonstration. She even brought her 11-year-old daughter.

“I want her to value life, in a world where the most vulnerable get killed,” Aurelia said. “My daughter has a voice. I don’t want my daughter’s life to be in vain; she can save them.”

Even though there was a lot of conflict going on, Aurelia said, “We’re not here to fight with people. Just here to help people value life.”

She wanted people to know that there are other options, like abstinence or adoption.

The biggest debate was about Project Truth’s very disturbing, very large images of aborted babies.
“They’re showing images that could be disturbing to women that have had abortions or miscarriages,” said SRJC student Lianna Reich, part of the pro-choice protest group.

“I think it’s disgraceful and shaming young women who have been through this,” said SRJC student Vanessa French.

“They’re delivery technique isn’t effective; they just put fear,” said Vice President of Committees Macy McClung, “They’re visibly attacking people with images.”

Aurelia says they use the signs because people are misinformed. While pointing at the image, she said, “That is a human!”

Joshua Pinaula, Vice President of Organizations and Co-President of the Atheist and Skeptics Club at SRJC, says if his mom hadn’t aborted her first child, he wouldn’t be here.

“No one wants to have an abortion, but there are people who can’t afford [to raise a child],” Pinaula said.

Pinaula says that Project Truth does no good at SRJC because 60 percent of woman who have an unplanned pregnancy drop out of school, while 90 percent who have the baby drop out. He also made accusations against Project Truth, saying they have no statistics, information or references and they make a portion of their money by suing schools.

“They come uninvited, unwanted. What they are doing is asking to be pushed,” Pinaula said. “This is doing nothing.”

Angelica Lorbeer of the new Aquianas Club, a Catholic faith group, said the group was there praying for peace over the place.

“Abortion is not the answer,” Lorbeer said, “That baby felt pain,” pointing to an image of an aborted baby. She said that many women have problems after they have abortions and that 55 million babes have been killed since 1953.

“Biggest thing I’m learning is people don’t listen to each other,” said SRJC student Faith Escher, “I agree with what they’re doing, but not how they’re approaching it.”

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