Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: Students Run Uncontested


Joshua Pinaula holds his campaign platform proudly in the Associated Student election speeches April 22.

William Rohrs, News Editor

In the 2013 Associated Student Body elections, several key positions remain vacant while many candidates run uncontested, including the positions for vice president of organizations, student trustee and president.

Robert Edmonds, running for student trustee, directed his speech from pitching his expertise to telling students there needs to be a change in the Board of Trustee’s composition. “I decided that I needed to become involved in what was going on here because this is a large bureaucracy and there are a lot of decisions being made on your behalf,” he said. The student trustee is a fully recognized member of the board, and the position is an opportunity to let a student give their input in top-tier decision making.

Speaking last, Joshua Pinaula wants to be Vice President of Organizations. Pinaula said he wanted the position, but would help anyone hoping to come as a write-in candidate. “There’s other positions for the Associated Students that aren’t filled at the moment, and that sucks.”

Presidential candidate Omar Paz Jr. did not speak.

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