Holzworth Plea Delayed, Embezzlement Figures Come in

William Rohrs, News Editor

The arraignment for retired District Police officer Jeffrey Holzworth will continue on Feb 20; prosecutors said the 28-year veteran embezzled nearly $300,000 during his duties as the officer in charge of collecting parking meter funds.

Holzworth postponed entering a plea on the one count of embezzlement and 11 counts of receiving stolen property over $400. Assistant District Attorney Amy Ariyushi filed an enhancement code 186-11 to the embezzlement charge: embezzlement over $150,000.

According to Ariyushi, the amount of money Holzworth is accused of embezzling between January 2005 and November 2012 is $282,911. Ariyushi said she did not know if detectives recovered any of the money.

Each of the 11 counts of possessing stolen property over $400 stems from bank deposits Holzworth allegedly made with the stolen parking money in either a six month or one-year period, Ariyushi said.

“The maximum exposure [for embezzlement] is three years,” Ariyushi said. “The enhancement can add two years. Each count of receiving stolen property can add up to eight months.”

If convicted, Holzworth could spend up to 12 years in a state prison.

Wife Karen Holzworth is charged with one count of being an accessory to the crime and three counts of receiving stolen property. If convicted she could face county jail time, Ariyushi said. Karen Holzworth was arrested last week and arraigned Tuesday. She pled not guilty.