Alleged Rapist Pleads Guilty: Receives Six Years in Exchange for Dropped Charges

William Rohrs, News Editor

Nearly one year after Marco DeAnda-Vargas allegedly raped a Santa Rosa Junior College student at the Quinn Swim Center on the night of March 15, 2012, DeAnda-Vargas plead guilty just days before he would appear before a jury.

“Maximum exposure [for multiple counts of sexual assault] is 24 years,” said Assistant District Attorney Barbara Nanney.

By accepting a guilty plea, DeAnda-Vargas will serve six years in prison in exchange for dropping all charges but the rape and the posession of burgarly tools.

According to pre-trial testimony from the victim, DeAnda-Vargas allegedly raped her digitally, vaginally and anally in the Quinn Swim Center while she was waiting for her boyfriend. The victim knew DeAnda-Vargas as her teacher’s assistant in Jazz Dance.

The victim testified that DeAnda-Vargas owned a key to the swim center. Police confirmed this during an investiagation of his belongings. DeAnda-Vargas was not an official school employee, and testified that he found the keys to Quinn and Shuhaw.

According to pre-trial testimny by Santa Rosa Junior College District Police officer Richard Richardson, a closet in Shuhaw that DeAnda-Vargas was suspected to have access to contained “a bottle of KY jelly, a bottle of hot sauce and various reading materials.”

The closet also contained a peephole into the women’s bathroom, an area that DeAnda-Vargas had a key to as well. While the victim testified that DeAnda-Vargas bragged about seeing women through the hole, authorites said the position of the hole would make viewing unlikely.

DeAnda-Vargas was charged with rape by force or fear, sodomy by use of force, sexual penetration against the victim’s will, possessing stolen property valued at $400 and possession of burglary tools.

Nanney and defense attorney Joseph Bisbiglia were not available for comment at press time.