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Sparrow named Big 8:

Co-Track Athlete of the Week

SRJC freshman Chris Sparrow scored big for the Track and Field team at the Johnny Mathis Invitational on March 24. He ran the 400m in 1:19.00 and threw the Javelin 14.35m.

Sparrow ran the fastest time in the 400m by a person who is diagnosed with Dwarfism in recent history. He scored three points in Javelin, a first in SRJC history.  “I was very surprised to get it and never expected it,” said Sparrow on being named Co-Track Athlete of the Week.

Tsurumoto named Big 8 MVP

SRJC sophomore and basketball player Jen Tsurumoto was named MVP of the Big 8 Conference in a vote of league coaches. “It’s definitely a big honor to be named one of the best players, and especially to be named the top player of our league,” Tsurumoto said. “It took a lot of hard work to come to the successes I’ve managed to gain this year and last year playing at the JC, but it’s definitely been a fun ride. I will be transferring with a full-ride scholarship to play at a four-year college in the fall. So I’d have to say that hard work and determination are proving to pay off in the end.”


Students work together in support of local businesses and free pizza

On March 27, 10 people came together at Mombo’s Pizza in Santa Rosa to celebrate the combined efforts of SRJC students Billy Oertel and Joshua “Shua” Pinaula. Oertel and Pinaula have been collecting Mombo’s stamp cards (10 slices=one full stamp card=one free slice) for months now, and between the two of them they collected 8 full stamp cards, enough for an entire free pizza, which they shared with friends. “I really enjoy getting to know people, and local businesses. When I have a goal, I pursue it!” Pinaula said.



Police Blotter

Drunken idol winner


An SRJC police officer came across a man stumbling along, singing and yelling loudly and almost falling into the street on 11:20 p.m. March 15 on Mendocino Avenue. He was arrested for public drunkenness.



What the truck just happened?


SRJC police pulled a person over who was speeding and weaving his truck in and out of lanes at midnight March 17 on Mendocino Avenue. He tested at 1.6 percent blood alcohol level (two times the legal limit). He was arrested for driving under the influence.



Can’t drink here!!!


A man was found drinking in front of the main sign by Bertolini Student Center on March 29 around 3:15 p.m. on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. He was unable to stand and was arrested for public drunkenness.

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