Police promote, fill needed vacancies

Jerome Janairo, News Editor

A newly promoted sergeant, a new police officer and a full-time dispatcher took their oaths with the SRJC District Police in a small ceremony at Pedroncelli Center on May 12.

Robert Brownlee, who joined the SRJC district police in 2006 as a Community Service Officer and became a police officer in 2008, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. “I love working here at the junior college district,” he said, adding that the department is undergoing a transitional period. “But the safety and service we provide is always going to be the same.”

Joe Roberts was a graduate of the SRJC Public Safety Training Center Police Academy. He began as a cadet in 2002 and is now a police officer for the district police. “I feel great,” he said. “I love serving the community here. It’s a good place to work; a lot of friendly people.”

Shanna Murray also began as a cadet in 2006 before working for the district police as a part-time dispatcher. She was sworn in as a full-time dispatcher. “It’s really good to be doing this full-time,” she said. “I love this department. It’s a good family.”

Acting police chief Joe Palla said the district police still needs to hire more officers. Dispatchers, he adds, are critically needed.

“It does help considerably,” Palla said. “We’re moving forward in a very positive, very productive way.”