News Briefs

Fact book

On Feb. 11, the SRJC announced the release of the 2010 Santa Rosa Junior College Fact Book, which serves as the main resource for information about the district and collects financial, academic and faculty data in one document.

“The Fact Book is chiefly the work of Jeanne Fadelli, research analyst,” KC Greaney, Director of Institutional Research at the SRJC Petaluma Campus, said in an email. “This year marks the 10th edition of the Fact Book—thank you, Jeanne and other research staff (Jill Hunter, Janet Chin) for providing this valuable resource!”

Math conference

On Feb. 26, SRJC hosted the Mathematical Association of America Golden Section, a regional conference for math teachers and industry professionals. The Golden Section of the MAA includes members from Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii.

Presenters at the day-long event included Erick Demaine of MIT and Ivars Peterson, author of “The Mathematical Tourist” and “Newton’s Clock: Chaos in the Solar System.”

The last event of the day was the Math Wrangle, moderated by Tatiana Shubin. The math wrangle is a mathematical competition for high school students, which focuses on teamwork, debate and mathematical skills.

Shubin is a proponent of sparking student’s interest in math at an early age. She thinks math is important “because the culture of our civilization completely rests on mathematics.”

Day Under the Oaks canceled

Day Under the Oaks, SRJC’s annual community education festival and open house, was canceled this year due to budgetary concerns. The event, traditionally held the first Sunday in May, began in 1978.

After the inaugural Day Under the Oaks was rained out. The event ran uninterrupted until 1990. In 2009, Day Under the Oaks was canceled due to concerns about the spread of the N1H1 virus. Since then, budgetary concerns have caused the cancellation of the event.