Say goodbye to bad grades

David Anderson

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Making bad grades better just got easier. SRJC recently implemented a modified version of the repeat policy, allowing students to turn an “F” into an “A.”

The modified policy allows students to alleviate a substandard grade of D, F, no credit or no pass twice as opposed to once.

The substandard grades and credits will continue to be disregarded in the computation of grade point averages once the student has received a better grade in the same course. However, the permanent academic record will still be annotated in a manner that all work remains legible to ensure a true and complete academic history.

Freyja Pereira, director of Academic Records and International Admissions, helped oversee and implement the revisions.

“It’s a win-win situation. The college now gets funding for the third attempt, and the student also benefits from being allowed three enrollments,” she said.

Also, a student may now petition for one additional repeat of the same class in which he or she received a substandard grade (D, F, NC, NP), however only a maximum of two substandard grades can be replaced.

These changes should help students increase their GPA, which will increase their chances of being admitted to the school of their choice.

The second major change to the current repeat policy allows students to repeat a course in which he or she received a passing grade after a significant lapse in time or due to extenuating circumstances such as accidents, illnesses or any circumstance beyond the student’s control. Once approved by the Admissions and Records office, the student may repeat a course, whether the grade was passing or not.

Before the revisions, students were unable to receive a better grade after passing, and their GPA was permanently scarred. Students will now be able to improve their grades, while simultaneously helping SRJC receive funding for the additional course repetition.


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