Coddingtown to SRJC bicycle and pedestrian overpass questioned

Isabel Johnson, News Editor

The Santa Rosa City Council may rethink its vote for $100,000 meant to help build a bicycle and pedestrian overpass across the 101 to connect the Coddingtown area to the JC neighborhood. The funds were approved before the newest council members were voted in, and new members wish for the council to re-evaluate its commitment.

The overpass was first planned when the Don Zumwalt Parking Pavilion was proposed. The parking garage raised concerns about the JC community’s dependence on automobile transportation. The overpass was planned to allow more students to use bicycles or to walk from the area near Coddingtown to the JC.

“The Santa Rosa City Council approved the project 5-2,” stated an e-mail sent to SRJC staff by Michael Aparicio of the Philosophy Department. “However, new council members will be sworn into office during this upcoming Tuesday’s City Council meeting; and one of the council members has said he plans to ask the “new council” to reconsider its vote.”

A station for the SMART train is also planned, but not yet confirmed. If the city council votes against the funds, plans to build the overpass will be greatly hindered. Codding Enterprises has already committed the land needed for the western entrance to the overpass.