Oak Leaf’s College Football Week 9 Top-25 Rankings


Courtesy of ESPN

Attila LS Gero, Ian MacGregor, Isaiah Cappelen, Staff Writers

Ian: “Ohio State’s devastating loss to Purdue last week torpedoed both their title chances and Dwayne Haskins’ Heisman hopes. LSU and Notre Dame now fill out my top four, and Texas is on the outside looking in. Washington State has a chance to propel themselves into the top 10 with a win over Stanford this week.”

Attila LS Gero: “The season is shaping up for the CFP race to end in conference championships. Oklahoma and Texas are likely to meet for the Big 12 Championship, a rematch and game that could vault one of the two into playoffs. In the last week of the season, Ohio State and Michigan meet in a game that will either knock Michigan out of playoff contention, or secure their spot.”

Isaiah: “I almost shed a tear watching Oregon fall to a clearly inferior team like Washington St. but I have to deny them a top 15 spot now. Meanwhile, Ohio St. imploded, most likely stripping them of their CFP chances in my eyes. I’m interested to see what kind of case Michigan will make for themselves in the coming weeks.”