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Dear Editor:

Like student government, one of the main purposes of the existence of a college newspaper is to inform students of what is happening at Santa Rosa Junior College. Your articles on Vice President Mary Kay Rudolph and creative processing instructor Catrina Martinico were well done and informative. However, what seems to be lacking is what has been lacking for the past few years, and that is any objective coverage of student government, clubs and their activities.

This year’s student government, both Student Senate and A.S. Cabinet, are diverse both ethnically and politically. Except for two students, no members have been involved in student government in the past. We are blessed with an exceptionally rich and talented group of student leaders.

The A.S. Cabinet has held five major events in five weeks; they are actively providing a return of visible activity and fun to campus life. The cabinet is also fundraising for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Inter-Club Council sponsored Club Days, at which clubs tabled to recruit new members.

Students on this campus deserve to be informed of what is being done with their dollars; it is part of the responsibility of the school newspaper to do that. We acknowledge our responsibility in providing this information to students; we ask that you begin to report on what we- and other students-are doing to provide and advocate for students on all campuses of SRJC.


The Associated Student Senate

The Associated Students Cabinet

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