Site seeing

Does anyone remember any of the rumors they heard as a child – the ones about how a friend of a friend knew of a boy who accidentally hung himself during a Halloween prank? Or the one about the friend’s sister’s cousin who was babysitting and there was a killer upstairs calling her over and over and harassing her? Did you ever find out if those were true or not?

It’s virtually guaranteed that most stories as outrageous as those are, are what we in the business like to call ‘urban legends’. And yes, these are what inspired the movie of the same name released some odd years ago. Now, you could call foul on us and scour the net for information to prove these stories have a bit of truth to them. OR, you can check out and see for yourself just how the stories were started, how they’ve varied over the decades and the means in which they were discovered.

Snopes. com is an excellent resource site for any and all urban legends, myths, rumors or forwarded email stories your little heart can come up with or your eyes can come across. The categories are endless: college, crime, Disney movies, media matters (yes, even we the media have our ugly rumors), old wives tales, politics, risqué business and even a September 11th section.

There are in fact some true stories on this site. Take for example the story this review opened with. Yes, you can in fact find it on! Believe it or not, this did in fact happen twice in October 1990, just days apart from each other in Illinois and California, and then again in 2001 in Michigan – crazy and tragic as it may be.

If you’re looking for a good way to kill time, to find some good stories to share at a party, or even if you’re in fact needing some sort of oddball research for a paper, this site is perfect anything you can just about imagine.