Stepping Stones

Mikaela LeBrett, Opinion Editor

There are so many things that I would love to talk about but they would not fit in the small space that I have. However, that does not mean that I can’t bring them up to you (the readers.)

One of the things that I would like to talk about is why it is that we have to know about what goes on of every minute of every day in the lives of celebrities? What makes them “so” worth talking about? Like us, they are just people. There is nothing special about that.

Sure we all, including myself, read the weekly magazines that talk about what’s the hottest and latest new trend. The covers are bright and colorful, full words like “did you know…” or “who’s butt is this?” Okay, like I want to know who owns that butt that needs some toning. Get it off the cover; that is back page material. And you can’t tell me that the owners of those butts really want them on there either.

The next week the owner of the butt has gone out and gotten lypo-suction or something to make everything look better. But now they’re on the cover because they had that lypo done.

Another thing is that it’s always been the same people that make the covers. Over half of the time, it’s never about anything good. It’s always about something that is wrong with them. Who’s in rehab this week? Who’s too thin right now? Or better yet – who’s too fat?

I understand that I’m really into the media. But there are some parts of it that I don’t agree with. I feel that there are more important things to inform the public with than who’s got the best smile. Another reason why I don’t agree with this type of writing is that it’s not easy on our kids. They read these pages of who looks hot and who’s not, and then they try their best to fit into that category of “what’s hot”.

How many girls or women out there want the perfect body like Jessica Simpson? Who, by the way, can’t figure out if she’s married or not.

How many boys or men out there want to have a nice body like Usher or some other well-built celebrity?

Who really cares if Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan hate each other and are fighting all the time. In my eyes, I see both of them as stuck up spoiled brats.

I could go on and on with situations or reasons why I feel that some of the things that are printed are a waste of time. But I also know that the reasons why they are printed are for public entertainment. But the whole thing of sneaking around in the rich and famous backyards and knowing what is going on in their daily lives is something that I read only so I don’t fall asleep at work.

Other than that I have a hard time seeing a reason why stuff like this “needs” to be printed. You can’t tell me that these people have nothing to do but sneak around in other people’s yards, and then go off and write about it.

Just like us, celebrities are just people. The only thing that makes them different than us is that they can never walk a straight line, because there is always a flash in there eyes and they make more money then they will ever need.