News Briefs

Dana Wright update

Dana Wright, former editor and chief of the Oak leaf, has been given unusual circumstances concerning his charges.

Wright was arrested with charges of seven felonies and one misdemeanor. After attending his preliminary hearing, and pleading no contest, all charges were reduced to two misdemeanors. He received one misdemeanor count for possession of stolen property, and one misdemeanor count for grand theft, being that the property stolen exceeded value of $400.00.

Carla Rodriguez, the attorney handling his case, stated ” His sentencing is only a stipulation at this point, because this is such an unusual situation.” Wright has taken part in the study abroad program, and the court has allowed him to attend a year of college in London before returning for his next hearing.

The next court date will be Sep. 6, 2006. The assumption has been made that Wright will be given conditional court probation. The probation will allow him to finish the next year of school, as long as he follows all the probation’s conditions. This hearing will also give him his turn in date that has been estimated to be 4 months of jail time.


On Aug. 16 there were five cases of reported vandalism on the Petaluma campus; a majority of which were in the restrooms. Authorities requested that the custodial department clean the graffiti to prevent further accumulation. The custodial department neglected to clean up the vandalism in the restrooms, and the graffiti quadrupled in size by Oct. 2. The restroom mirrors were destroyed, totaling in over $1000 worth of damage. It is unsure whether the administration is going to repair the damages to the mirrors, but the custodial department will be repainting the restroom walls to cover up the graffiti. Charles Gatchet the facilities coordinator of the custodial department stated, “This is the worst vandalism I have seen in the 10 years that I have worked here.”

Forensics tournament

A forensics tournament was held the weekend of Oct. 7, and was very successful. Twenty-five schools and hundreds of faculty and students attended the tournament from all over California. Santa Rosa Junior College won first place overall in the community college division by two points over Solano Junior College. SRJC ended up second over all falling behind San Francisco State University. Mark Nelson, director of forensics, thanks everyone for his or her support, and congratulates everyone for a job well done.

AS special elction

The Associated Student, Student Senate special election was held Oct. 12 – 13, to vote on constitution amendment adjustments. The 19 constitutional amendments recommended by the Associated Students Student Senate, where all unanimously approved with the special election. To access the new updated constitution you can go pick up a copy at the Student Affairs Office, located next to the bookstore.