Successful student: Surviving finals

Jocelyn Mobley, Features Editor

Here are five tips to help you ace your finals.

Scheduling Set up a schedule. Plan a two to three weeks out in advance and study an hour a day to reduce stress. Print out a free December calendar and write down everything you have to do until finals. It is very satisfying to cross out each activity after it’s accomplished.

Studying Break up your studying. After completing each activity reward yourself by breaking a sweat. Many studies have found sweating relieves tensions and stress. So go out on a run, dance or do some yoga, and you will feel rejuvenated to knock out your second subject.

Eating Eat the right foods. During finals week, it is tempting to heat up ramen or order take-out, but if you can resist the urge, your body will thank you later. The Huffington Post says avocados, fish and yogurt all have vitamins and nutrients that help reduce stress.

Cleaning Having a messy or cluttered workspace can increase stress levels. Take a productive break from studying by doing a ten-minute tidy. It will help get your blood flowing as well as calm down those nerves.

Sleeping It’s hard to put down the books and sleep at night during finals week, but it will improve your mood, mental clarity and even grades. As tempting as it is to pull all-nighters before your exams, your body will be thankful to not crash after finals week.