A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

Bridging the gap between interest and the desire to learn


Humans are peculiar creatures of habit, often boxing themselves into the idea that ultimately, they are alone in their chosen skills and fascinations. But more often than not your isolated love is not only shared, but glorified in the hearts and minds of fellow students.

Clubs provide access into a world, connecting students with several professional, like-minded individuals who understand your passion. The utterance of the word “clubs” alone bears with it a sense of authenticity.

Currently Santa Rosa Junior College offers 63 of the finest of clubs, which include academic and sports programs just awaiting students willing to make the most of their scholastic endeavors (see link for info: www.santarosa.edu/for_students/clubs_and_organizations/).

“Clubs are real,” said student body president Josh Pinaula. “Clubs mean gaining practical experience and doing things that you care about and applying it to the actual world.”

What better way to wade oneself steadily into the trials and tribulations of a community than with the accompaniment of inquisitive kinsmen?

“I liked the energy of the people,” said SRJC student Manuel Alcazar, a newly inducted member of the Latino Medical Student Association. “I liked the variety, especially in the culture.”

To some, it’s as easy as showing up to the meeting at the specified time, but to others it is more complicated. With so many organizational outlets available, some students are justifiably overwhelmed. Here are a handful of examples to peak your interest.

Fancy a bit of architecture? Check out the “Arch” club, a group of architecture students and enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the built environment.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of casually galavanting in the wild? Join the Naturalists Club, an outdoor education, recreation and service for students to connect with nature.

Ever bask in the majestic pleasantry that is being a disk jockey? Perhaps the scratch club is just the place for you; somewhere DJ’s and turntablists get together, practice, learn, share ideas, jam, create and develop their skills.

If by the end of this list nothing lingers within your mind’s confines, perhaps throw chance to the wind and sample any number of clubs; there’s nothing wrong that.

“Students never want to ask questions,” said librarian and library department chair Nancy Persons. “They feel like they should know how to do everything.”

If students keep to themselves, refraining from asking simple questions at the risk of gaining a tarnished perception, then they’ll only return to their once vicious cycle of harmful habitual ritual.

Whether you want to be a diabolical chemist or a detrimental dental hygienist, fear not, for there is something for you as there is something for everyone.

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