Shining a light from beyond the grave

Faith Gates

Former Santa Rosa Junior College student Irene lost her husband nine years ago but he is still with her.

Only a month after he had passed away, she was on the phone talking to a friend when the lamp at the chair where he used to always sit started flickering on and off. Her friend said that was his way of saying he is alright. A little later she was taking her driver’s test and she told her daughter, “He was with me. I felt him in the car with me.”

A few months down the road she’s helping a friend sell Christmas trees where she meets a lady who claims to be psychic. “I didn’t believe in that sort of thing and made a joke asking if she could read carol cards or something,” Irene said. But then the psychic came back and told her your husband wanted me to tell you something about electricity. And she thought, “the lamp!” Then she asked her if he was with his parents but the psychic said, “No he is with Frank,” who was his childhood friend. After she walks away she comes back to also tell her that her husband wanted to tell her that he was with her on the driving test. all this came from a woman she had never met before.