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A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

A student-operated publication at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Oak Leaf

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A corn-mazing race

If you ever loose someone in a corn maze at night and then find their jacket hanging on a stalk, you should be scared.

Last week I went to Petaluma to attempt to solve the new four-acre corn maze along with my two friends, Bella and Cindy, and my brother Jordan. The first time through we all raced, my brother and I against my two friends. My brother and I made it through in only 25 minutes, 20 minutes faster than the estimated time it’s supposed to take. Tip: Always take a left.

The second time was a rescue/scare mission. We went back in to find Bella and Cindy and scare them. Although we never found them, we heard people singing, “Take me to the other side, I see that corny look in your eyes and I know, we ain’t lost anymore, if we walk down this road we’ll be out of here for sure,” a parody of Jason Derulo’s “The Other Side,” and knew it was them. But our last time through was when the real fun began.

It was now 7:30 p.m. and completely dark. We went through the maze one more time to get our $5 worth. As the four of us made our way through the beginning of the maze, we noticed my brother had disappeared. We knew what he meant to do too: scare us. Although I am not easily scared, my friends are. We stuck close together and rounded a corner when we saw this big dark figure in front of us! My friends screamed as the figure started to make more sense to me. Oops- just a couple making out. Moving on.

We began to get a little more comfortable. We were halfway through the maze and still no Jordan. Suddenly, “GAHHH”! He jumped out of the stalks to scare us and ran away again, leaving me with two extremely scared girls. We continued on. Not more than five minutes later we rounded a corner to find not him, but his jacket, just hanging there on a stalk. After pausing for a moment we moved ahead to search for him, but he outsmarted us again. He grabbed us from behind, scaring the heck out of us, and then running off again.

By then I had two girls so tightly wrapped around my arms it felt like someone was taking my blood pressure with those monitors that squeeze your arm so tight that it pulses on release. Looking in every stalk and around everyone corner, we moved on. Once, we thought we found him, only to realize it was yet another couple making out in the stalks. Almost three-fourths of the way through, something grabbed our legs. No surprise, it was him again.

By now we were ready to run through the rest of the maze, but then we found his jacket again, just hanging on a stalk. In the last five minutes of the maze, it wasn’t Jordan who scared us but our own fear. Finally we finished the maze, only to find him slyly smiling and sitting on a bench.

Good Halloween scare: going the corn maze at night with boys.

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