New Faculty: Theresa Molino

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New Faculty: Theresa Molino

Theresa Molino

Andrew McQuiddy & Peter Njoroge, Features Editor & Staff Writer

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Theresa Molino, Behavioral Sciences

Education: B.A. and M.A. in anthropology from UC Berkeley.

Experience: Three years of part-time teaching experience at SRJC; and UC Berkeley.

Most interesting thing about you that students wouldn’t suspect: “I like pie for breakfast.”

Impression of SRJC/Santa Rosa: “As an alumna, it was like coming home!”

Favorite Joke: “I can row, canoe?”

If you weren’t teaching at SRJC: “Without a doubt, I would be working on my dissertation research at the McCown Laboratory, UC Berkeley, processing botanical remains from Native American sites on the southern Oregon coast.”

Advice for students: “I highly recommend visiting your instructors during office hours! Drop by just to introduce yourself. It will make you stand out amongst your peers. It will also give the instructors an opportunity to know you better, which is vital for those letters of recommendations that many will need for their educational goals.”

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