New Faculty: Angela Romagnoli

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New Faculty: Angela Romagnoli

Angela Romagnoli

Andrew McQuiddy & Peter Njoroge, Features Editor & Staff Writer

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Angela Romagnoli, English

Education: B.A. in English from California Baptist University, Riverside, Calif., M.A. in higher education from University of Redlands and M.A. in English from California State University, San Bernardino.

Experience: Five years of part-time teaching experience at Mt. San Jacinto Community College, Norco Community College, Chaffey College and San Bernardino Valley College.

Most interesting thing about you that students wouldn’t suspect: “Hhhhhmmmmm…students are going to have to take my classes to find this one out. I will tell you one thing that students might not suspect: I just moved from the hood to the forest.”

Impression of SRJC/Santa Rosa: “I fell in love with SRJC and the local community long before I was hired to work here. I am most excited about the people — my students are bright and entertaining (even at 9 a.m.), and the entire SRJC faculty (particularly my department) has gone out of the way to make me feel incredibly welcome. I feel honored to be joining such a diverse and incredibly talented team.”

If you weren’t teaching at SRJC: “I’d be a miserable soul trapped in a job that’s not for me. I have had just about every job in existence from bartender to college basketball coach — so, I have done extensive research (or taken the scenic route) to find a job that I truly love (and that does not require me to be coherent before 9 a.m. This is it.”

Advice for students: “The most important advice that I have for students in writing classes (and in life) is to approach reading, writing, and thinking like really cool (and highly intellectual) collaborative processes. Practice often — even on Facebook. Don’t be a passive recipient of information; ask questions. Engage. In order to get good at any of them (reading, writing, and thinking), you have to invest in all of them. Better yet, delight in them.”

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