SRJC Welcomes New Faculty and Staff Members

Jerome Janairo, Features Editor

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Rebecca Crawford

Director, Associate Degree Nursing

Rebecca Crawford is a graduate of Duke University, with a Master of Science and Nursing with a focus on nursing education. She started out at SRJC as part-time clinical faculty on January of 2009, but took the role of director this July. She says that as director of the Associate Degree in Nursing program her responsibilities are to make sure that the students are treated fairly and given the best education, as well as giving them the best outcomes when they graduate.

Crawford is looking forward to getting to know the faculty, working with the students and giving back to nursing.

“I love being a nurse and I love knowing that I’m part of an education that’s going to actually save people’s lives.” Crawford said. “So I think it’s exciting.”

Cherry Li-Bugg

Dean III, Learning Resources & Educational Technology

As SRJC’s dean of learning resources & educational technology, Cherry Li-Bugg is in charge of the Doyle Library on the Santa Rosa Campus and the Mahoney Library on the Petaluma Campus, as well the faculty and the program services that meet students’ needs in both facilities. She is also responsible for SRJC’s long-distance education program and said that she is interested in making the college’s “non-traditional,” educational aspects as high-quality as its “traditional” educational aspects.

Li-Bugg has a master’s in English literature, as well as a master’s in library information science. She worked as a librarian for 10 years before she became aadministrator for academic computing. She has experience in being a dean for library and information technology prior to coming to the SRJC.

“It’s a beautiful library,” Li-Bugg said. “It’s very nice to work in this kind of environment as someone in charge of the libraries.”

Christopher Wilkinson

Chief of Police, District Police

Chief Christopher Wilkinson brings 30 years of experience in law enforcement to SRJC. As chief of police, his goal is to work cooperatively with all SRJC campuses in support of policing activities. However, he believes that a truly safe campus and district can only be achieved through a partnership between law enforcement and all students, faculty and staff.

During his long career in law enforcement, Wilkinson has worked with the California state police in Los Angeles and San Diego and has had a wide variety of assignments. He also served as chief of police for the Yuba Community College District Police Department for seven years. Among his many specialties, he is a member of a task force responsible for the district’s readiness during any unplanned incident.

“My first impression of the SRJC was how beautiful the campus is and how friendly and welcoming the faculty and staff have been,” Wilkinson said.

Randolph Collins

Director, Fire Technology, PSTC

As director of the Fire Technology Program at the SRJC Public Safety Technology Campus in Windsor, Randolph Collins is responsible for the course content and delivery of all fire related programs and semester length courses. He is also responsible for the development of new courses and updating the curriculum in collaboration with agencies outside the school district, “in order to deliver a high-quality program.”

Collins has been in the fire service for 30 years and has served in the Arcata Fire District, Campbell Fire Department, Sonoma County Department of Fire Services and the Healdsburg Fire Department, where he retired in July of this year after serving as fire marshal for 13 years and fire chief for seven.

“I am greatly impressed with the level of professionalism of all staff and the organization and on a more personal note, how pleasant and helpful everyone is,” Collins said. “I look forward to maintaining the excellent reputation of the Fire Technology program.”

Cheryl Higgins

College Nurse Practitioner, Student Health, Petaluma Campus

Cheryl Higgins has been a family nurse practitioner for 15 years, and in her 25 years of nursing experience she had been involved with the first pediatric AIDS/HIV program at Children’s Hospital Oakland in the late 1980s, and was a primary care provider at county and community clinics where she was responsible for her own patients’ medical care. She has a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Public Health degree.

As nurse practitioner for the Petaluma campus, she has the opportunity to use both clinical and public health skills to help address the needs of the student population, as well as tending to individual students for illnesses and injuries. Her current pet project is helping to bring reproductive health services to Petaluma, bringing with it her enthusiasm for public health.

“I feel very fortunate to be at SRJC, a very prestigious community college,” Higgins said.

Colleen Maydenbauer

Administrative & Events Assistant, SRJC Foundation

As the administrative and events assistant for the SRJC Foundation, Colleen Maydenbauer’s primary responsibilities include the scheduling of board and committee meetings, coordinating donor- and community-related events, and “providing information to the broader community.”

Maydenbauer holds a bachelor’s degree from Sonoma State University in business administration with a minor in management information technology, and most of her professional background has been in project and event management. However, she got her start at SRJC, where she received her Associates of Science in 1994 after taking night classes for four years.

“I have a special love of the JC and the opportunity it gave me to obtain my AS degree while working fulltime,” Maydenbauer said.

Scott Conrad

Director, Information Technology

As Director of Information Technology, Scott Conrad’s job is to manage the IT resources for the school district. Some of his management responsibilities include the SRJC’s network and telecom infrastructure, all computer related hardware and software used by the school district, and the IT budget. He also manages the entire Information Technology staff.

Conrad has a bachelor’s in industrial engineering, an MBA in management information systems, and an master’s in Management of Technology. He has worked in various aspects of computing support, software development and management with HP/Agilent for 27 years. With his extensive knowledge of computer technology and programming, he taught at Golden State University and University of Minnesota.

“I look forward to working with my team to provide services that enable the SRJC to deliver education most efficiently and effectively for our students,” Conrad said.

Karen Clark

Nursing Instructor, Health Sciences

Karen Clark joins the Health Sciences department as the new instructor for the very popular SRJC Nursing program. As an instructor, she will be teaching in a consistently impacted program, and with some students who already have higher degrees. Still, she said that confidence, capability, and professionalism is what’s in store for students who complete the program.

Clark is a masters-prepared family nurse practitioner and has been a nurse for 25 years, with 22 of those years spent in maternal/child and pediatrics. Her nursing experience includes working in major hospitals in Santa Rosa and clinics.
She had been a school nurse for the Windsor Unified School District, as well as a summer camp nurse and volunteer nurse in various health fairs. She has been part of adjunct faculty for the last six years, teaching in the ADN program.

“I am looking forward to working with the best-educated, professional and compassionate group of people,” Clark said. “Also looking forward to helping those students get the most out of our program and become the best nurse they can be.”

Lannie Medina

Major Gifts Officer, SRJC Foundation

The SRJC Foundation’s Lannie Medina, is here to help meet the SRJC’s financial needs. As major gifts officer, her main responsibility is to raise money for various SRJC needs, such as buildings or scoreboards for the softball and soccer fields, through gifts, donations, and fundraising by “cultivating relationships” with donors such as companies, corporate sponsors, “people who are passionate for what the college is doing for the students and the community,” and other organizations.

At Stanford University, she managed funds and donations in their investment management and endowment. She worked at Charles Schwab for 16 years, building products and services for endowments and foundations. She is also part of a number of education foundation boards.

“It is a wonderfully close community,” Medina said. “Everybody is on the same page in wanting to do things for the benefit of the students. You are our customers.”

A. Dreamer

Sign Language Interpreter, Disability Resources

Mr. A. Dreamer is no stranger to the SRJC. His first experience with the college was through working as an interpreter from 1999 to 2002, and when the position became available for a sign language interpreter, he was excited for the opportunity to return to SRJC.

“It’s a great job,” Dreamer said. “I hope to work here until I die.”

Dreamer has a master’s degree in deaf theater production from Sonoma State University. He attended Gallaudete University, an all-deaf college, as a special student and studied theater and dance there. He toured with the National Theater of the Deaf for two years and taught interpreting at an Arizona college for eight years.

Half of his time is spent interpreting for deaf students in classes, while the other half is spent scheduling interpreters for other students. He works with 30 interpreters to cover the needs of deaf students.

“Because I was coming back, I felt like I was coming home,” he said. “So to be able to go back in a position of leadership was just awesome.”

Tsegai Tewolderberhan

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Tsegai Tewolderberhan been in custodial services for Santa Rosa City Schools for 22 years and was head custodian for 15 years before coming to SRJC. He is in charge of all the custodial staff and will be on duty during late hours at the campus.

Tewolderberhan said that being a custodian at the Santa Rosa campus is a bit of a challenge because of its size and active atmosphere. But he maintains an upbeat resolve.

“I’m confident,” Tewolderberhan said. “This is a big school, and it needs confidence.”

Rachel Minor

Bookstore Manager, Petaluma Campus

The Petaluma Campus Bookstore’s new manager, Rachel Minor, will have quite a bit of work on her hands. Among her myriad duties as manager, she is in charge of bookstore operations such as ordering supplies, checking inventories, creating sales reports and taking care of invoices. She says that knowledge of every aspect of the bookstore is essential to the job, as well as the ability to deal with its unpredictability.

Minor has a bachelor’s degree in art from Humboldt State University, but she has taken numerous SRJC classes for her own enrichment.

“I think people work here because they truly want to be here,” Minor said. “It’s a beautiful campus, and I’m lucky to be here!”

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