ICC in need of new leader


Josh Pinaula (left) addresses the ICC on April 11. Courtesy of David Tamayo

David Tamayo, Staff Writer

The Santa Rosa Junior College Inter-Club Council (ICC) may soon be in need of a new chair. Current ICC chair Josh Pinaula announced he may have to resign his post before club reps heard from candidates running for the Student Government Assembly (SGA) on April 11.

Pinaula, a long-time student government official, expressed his need to resign from his position due to scheduling restraints.

“I need to seriously start looking at not being the inter-club council chair,” Pinaula said. “If you are interested in being inter-club council chair, let me know.”

The ICC chair position is one of five officer positions that currently does not have any candidates in the upcoming elections.

Ten aspiring SGA officers spoke for five minutes each about their campaigns.

“Every single chance I get, I let Dr. Chong and the board know, it’s what you do next that’s important but I’m going to be watching you and I’m going to be the voice of the students,” current VP of Student Life, Dori Elder said as she addressed the club representatives.

SGA coordinator, Zack Miranda reminded the ICC that if they are not on the official ballot there are other ways that they can be elected to office.

“There is going to be a section on the ballot for write-in candidates,” Miranda said. “Even if you weren’t one of these folks that got in on the official ballot, if you had 50 people put in your name in that write-in section, you qualify as a write-in candidate that can be officially appointed to the student government.”

Voting for next year’s SGA begins April 16 and closes April 20 at 11:59 p.m.

“The reason this happened at Inter-Club Council—you are all the most involved students at SRJC,” Pinaula said. “You are the people who do things. Your opinion and perspectives really matter. I really encourage everyone to talk to clubs and talk to your candidates.”

In other club news, the defunct Bernie Sanders Club was resurrected as the College Democrats Club and the Society for Dark Lord Club petitioned to change its name to Society of the Dark Lord.

The Medical Assisting Club procured a $150 grant to promote its club while the Active Minds Club will receive $400 to help supply food for its “Please Feed Bear Cubs” event on April 25. Active Minds attempted to secure another $400 to host its Human Trafficking Awareness Night, to be held on May 9, but the petition was moved to next week due to confusion on its eligibility for this week’s agenda.

The Capoeira Club received $13 for promotional flyers, and the LGBTQ+ Social Club was granted $308 to pay for club activities.

The next Club Day will be on May 2.