SGA endorses Noreen Evans for supervisor


Beatriz Verneaux, Staff Writer

Santa Rosa Junior College Student’s Government Assembly endorsed fifth district supervisor candidate Noreen Evans Sept. 13.

Vice President of Sustainability Lamont Powell brought up the need for being an active voice in local politics explaining that homelessness is a major concern for both Santa Rosa Junior College and the county.

“One of the candidates [Hopkins] has the support of landowners,” Powell said. “We can set an example to the student body by voting”.

There was debate over whether the SGA should get involved with county elections.

Vice President of Committees Maria Salsido and Assembly Member Roberto Martinez were outspoken about their discomfort in voting. Both members abstained from voting to endorse, but encouraged students to vote and have their own voices heard.

“We should make sure students voices get heard. What if we make the wrong choice?” Martinez said.

SGA will meet with Evans on Sept. 19 to take official photos, and seal the agreement.

Evans has 21 years of state government experience, and has been working closely with rent control activists, which is a cause that the SGA is involved with.