Agrella Gallery presents Library of Forms through year end


Stephen Howe

The library of sound shows detailed, experimental pieces of all forms of the medium, where the creative process involved is as important at the piece itself.

Erina Corl, Reporter

The Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery in Doyle Library unveiled a new exhibit displaying a wide variety of artistic experimentation, the core of the piece being from a sense of color and texture, Oct. 27. 

“I think of them as wonder cabinets for artists,” said Hannah Scumberg, one of the curators describing her view on the many pieces. 

Lisa Ryobich Cralle, one of the featured artists, describes how the influence for her drawings and sculptures came from seeing imprints of shoe soles on the ground. “I’m interested in the ways wardrobes and architecture dialog with the body in the production of memory,” she said. “The iconic diamond pattern of Converse, the classic Vans parallelogram and the globular texture of Keds are carefully rendered in graphite or charcoal and layered with moments borrowed from dreams and art history.”

Chrisopher Woodcock, exhibition design and management instructor, curated the exhibition with his students and designed it to be a cohesive whole. “What I’m most excited about is the relationship between the construction and how they were made as a central core of the exhibit,” he said.

Dozens of students attended opening night and admired the detailed craftsmanship on display. “I’m really responding to the curator and how they put together the color and texture,” said Leah Tumerman, an art student who visited with the rest of their class. 

The Library of Forms closes at the end of December.

The library of forms will be available for students through the entire semester free of charge. (Stephen Howe)