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Opinion: God of War: Ragnarök Boss Predictions

The God of War Series is known for its epic boss battles, from Kratos battling Greek Gods such as Ares and Zeus, to now Norse Gods such as Thor and possible others in his way.

Playstation’s God of War: Ragnarök is approaching its Nov. 9 release, and, in a franchise known for epic boss battles, players are anticipating what new bosses await them in this latest entry.

The official God of War trailers have confirmed that Kratos and his son Atreus, will face off against Norse Gods, both Aesir and Vanir, such as Thor, Freya and Odin. But Kratos will assuredly have to fight others in order to survive. Here are a few mythological gods that I predict could appear as enemies in God of War: Ragnarök.


The god that was created from the saliva of the Aesir and Vanir Gods. He is extremely wise, knowing the answer to any question posed to him. He was not known as a fighter, but he could still pose a threat to Kratos by using his brains rather than his brawn to beat him.

The Three Nornir

In Norse Mythology, The Three Nornir, Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld are giants who control the fates of man, planning their destinies from the moment they’re born. Kratos has fought and killed the Greek Pantheon’s version of the fates in God of War 2, so he might possibly fight the Norns in God of War: Ragnarök if they pose a threat to him by manipulating his fate.


Heimdall is the Aesir God that watches for invaders that dare enter Asgard with his amazing keen senses, particularly eyesight and hearing. He will no doubt get in Kratos’ way to protect Asgard, using his senses to predict and counter Kratos’ attacks.


One of Odin’s sons, the Aseir, God of Vengeance, that is known for killing the dreaded wolf Fenrir for murdering Odin at the battle of Ragnarök. Kratos will have a challenge if he ever faces Vídar in God of War: Ragnarök.


Another son of Odin, who is daring in combat and an excellent shot with a bow and arrow. In Norse Mythology he was born with the sole purpose of avenging Baldur’s death. Since Kratos killed Baldur in the God of War mythos Váli would no doubt try to seek vengeance upon Kratos, making him a possible boss that might appear in God of War: Ragnarök.


The son of Sif and Stepson of Thor is an excellent archer and fast on his snow skis that no one can contend with him. Ullr possesses every quality valued by a warrior, making him a formidably skilled foe that Kratos might have difficulty with.

Vili and Vé

The brothers of Odin that aided him in slaying the first giant, Ymir, and created the first humans, Ask and Emblar. The brothers could help Odin by dealing with Kratos and Atreus before or during the battle of Ragnarök.

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